Emily Cole is a candidate for Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County, Seat 76.  Emily has spent the last 13 years serving the County as a Deputy District Attorney. She currently specializes in the prosecution of child and adult sex crimes in the Sex Crimes Division, downtown LA.  Previously, Emily served throughout Los Angeles County handling homicides, domestic violence, family violence, stalking, and elder abuse.


Throughout her tenure as a Deputy District Attorney working to keep the County safe, Emily has handled many important and significant cases. She was featured on the television news show 48 hours for her prosecution of Dino Guglielmelli, a wealthy nutritional supplement maker who tried to hire a hit man to kill his wife. 


Emily also received media attention for her double murder prosecution of Shehadeh Issa. Mr. Issa stabbed his wife of 50 years over 50 times and then shot his adult son in an attempt to frame him for the wife’s murder. Issa targeted his son because he was bisexual and frequently defended his mother against Issa’s domestic violence. Emily’s hard work and creativity resulted in guilty verdicts for both murders. In keeping with her strong commitment to victim’s rights, Emily maintains relationships with the surviving Issa family members to this day.


Emily’s main focus as a District Attorney has been the prosecution of adult and child sex crimes. She works hard to support the victims and guide them through what can be a difficult and confusing process. In People v. Cesar Gonzalez, Emily obtained guilty verdicts against a child molester who targeted two young girls from families of his friends. In People v. Lissandro Urrutia, Emily successfully prosecuted the defendant who molested three siblings that he babysat. In People v. Malone, Emily helped three young siblings through the criminal justice process. One of the sisters was autistic and needed special help and patience. These are just a couple of the many victims Emily has sought justice for. 


Being a prosecutor is not about getting guilty verdicts and sending someone to prison, it’s about getting justice for all involved. Sometimes that justice also includes getting the defendant help. For example, in People v. Orellana, the defendant severely assaulted her father; the defendant was severely mentally ill, and prison was no place for her. Emily worked hand in hand with the defense attorney to find the right place for Ms. Orellana to get well again.


Emily is a Los Angeles County native and was raised in Arcadia.  A graduate of La Salle High School in Pasadena, she went on to attend San Francisco State University and received her law degree from Golden Gate University. After law school, Emily moved back to Los Angeles county and joined the District Attorney’s Office in 2007. As she worked her way up through the office, it was clear that Emily had a passion and drive to help the most vulnerable of victims - victims of sex crimes and domestic violence.


Family is important to Emily.  She has been married to law school classmate Bryan since 2007.  They have two children, an 8 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. Outside of work, Emily helps mentor high school students and coaches Mock Trial. She also participates in Project Lead, an elementary school program that teaches students about the criminal justice system and the importance of making good decisions.